Funky Walker Dirty Talker

by Sard Boogie



Sard Boogies 4th full length sole release, B Boy funk Goodness!

The official release dates are 05/23/2013 for vinyl and on Juno download

6/05/2013 on Bandcamp.

Preorder the your vinyl copy right now! only 100 in existence!


released June 5, 2013

All track's Written, produced, arranged, performed and mastered by Sard Boogie at tail shakar recordings Melbourne, Australia, Except track 7 produced by B Dub and Sard Boogie, tracks 3 and 8 cuts by Dj Welly, tracks 4 and 9 cuts by Dj Agent 86.
[c] 2013 Tail Shakar Records.

Some reviews...


"Man I’ve been bumping this all week. Call me old school, but Melbourne DJ/ producer Sard Boogie‘s fourth and latest LP Funky Walker, Dirty Talker is certainly one of the doper full length efforts I’ve heard all year. Imagine, if you will, a nine track mixture of super-disco breakin’ and mainly instrumental hip-hop cuts with a couple of more reflective efforts where the analogue love is palpable. And I’m not just talking about the crackle and hiss of samples. You know that thing you get on a lot of modern breaks productions – all top and bottom end and nothing in between? Doesn’t happen here – Sard got his boogie firing on all frequencies. The centrepiece of the LP consists of two tracks – former single Sweeter Little Thang and next track The Item. The former is the very definition of b-boy disco breaks – wah-wah guitars, fat bass, crisp breaks and a seventies funk hook while the latter comes at you with pumping a uptempo break, old school hook hip-hop and funk rock guitars. SB’s no slouch on the mic either, busting out a few bars in the middle of first track proper, Peep Show – which also kicks off with a sample from a very well known hit of half a decade ago – fact fans. He also picks up the mic for hectic uprock hip-hop closer Boogie Shakes – which arrives all too quickly because quite frankly the chopped up b-boy seventies/ eighties summer vibe of the album is over all too quickly. One to file along with kindred spirit K Delight. If you’re lucky, you might still get your hands on one of the limited run of hundred copies on vinyl. More please."

Juno Records

"Cool, confident and coated in 70s sample class; Sard Boogie develops his reputation as one of the more subversive, jazzier producers in the nu-funk movement with his fourth full lengther Funky Walker Dirty Talker. From the quirky key meanders on "5 6 Keyboards" to the early 90s hip-hop heaviness of "Peep Show" via the speedier, bloc-rocking swing-out "The Item", there's a great range on show, held together with a consistent theme of nifty chops and fun samples. Easily his most accomplished album yet"



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